Among My Souvenirs

Stories of the road

Prayers for Peace

Reba Mcentire is one of my favorite singers, an Oklahoma superstar. Right before we left for our trip to Kenya, November 2014, she came out with the song Pray for Peace with an invitation to send in a little video clip as you sang along.  What a great idea.  “I’ll find a way to make this happen,” I said to myself.

And so we arrived in the Sumburu Village to share with the tribe and the children school supplies and learn more about their culture and life.  We met the local chief and were guided through the huts and shops.  As our visit was ending, the children continued to follow, most fascinated by our electronics and candy that we offered.

While waiting for the others to shop the group of children gathered around several of us and we began to play games.  We taught them the If You're Happy and You Know It song, which they found fun and we were excited with their response.

This was THE moment I had been waiting for!  The children understood hands to heaven as the universal symbol of prayer and the sign of peace.  And although they may not have completely understood the words, they gave themselves to the gestures as they shared prayers and peace with us and one another.

Tiny excited little voices became subdued and solemn as they gestured and bowed.  They touched our hands, as we received their generous and gracious offer of prayer and peace; young, dark, rich brown skin, melting into our adult pale pink hands.  Here was the moment of true Spirit.  The gift of peace given and received back and forth.  Perhaps that is what Jesus meant when he said “You must become like children to enter the Kingdom.”

Sadly, the travel agenda had us scheduled for the next demonstration and the children ran back into the village proper.  No video was ever taken.  Sorry Reba we didn’t get into your YouTube clip yet what we received was more valuable.  To know that “somewhere in Africa” a prayer was sent forth that day by our future gives my heart great peace.  And the story and the photos live quietly among my souvenirs.