Among My Souvenirs

Stories of the road

So Cheesy

On our journey from Munich, Germany to Lucerne, Switzerland we passed through the little country of Liechtenstein. The plan was to stop here for a long lunch break and enjoy the sweet little Alpine town of Schaan with its breathtaking views.

My best friend, Nan and I decided rather than sit again in a restaurant we would walk around the town and then pick up some lunch at a local market. The one we saw was known for its cheese and chocolate. Of course, what better place to get lunch! A little taste testing before we purchased a delicious half pound of cheese, some crackers and chocolate. We were quite pleased with our “sack lunches.”

We walked around for a little while longer, and finally it was time to leave this very idyllic landscape to cross the Alps into Switzerland and on to our stop for the night, Lucerne.

As the bus moved through the border crossing, we were now hungry. Unpacking our delicate treats, we open the package of cheese and begin to cut slices to adorn our crackers. As if in one breath, the entire bus exclaimed in a disgusted tone, “What is the awful smell?” We looked around wondering yes, where was that smell coming from? When we realized that it was us, or rather, our cheese.

In the store, the smell of all the various cheese products, meats, etc. blended together. It was a market filled with the scents of food, good food. However, cheese standing alone in a crowded bus tipped the edge of civility.

No matter how hard we tried to convince everyone how good the cheese was, the smell was overpowering to even the most cheese savvy connoisseurs. But it was expensive, and we would not toss it out the window and leave road side clutter. We shared slices with those brave enough to try it and hurriedly ate the rest, meanwhile the others were opening the bus windows to allow the alpine air to purge the fragrance from the bus.

Lesson learned, stick to Velveeta cheese sticks on the bus!