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Patrick Harris

Father Beak, as he is known around the house, Patrick's job at Harris House Studio is fun.  And he does it well.  Patrick, born and raise in Alameda County, California was suddenly thrust into the life of middle America when he and Mary Anne moved to Tulsa in 2008.  But along with the move were folks who loved to hear his bird stories and who enjoyed travel.

Patrick left his real estate career behind when they moved to pursue becoming a nurse.  Sadly, that all came crashing down when he fell from the roof in 2011.  Gratefully he has fully recovered from his injuries but is now using his nursing skills to aid people recovering from surgery or on hospice care.  More often than not he can be found in the Busted Knuckle garage (his man cave) working on his own car or that of a friend and neighbor.


Panama Harris

Panama Harris is a yellow-naped Amazon parrot.  As much as we can guess she is approximately 35 years old.  She came into our lives in 1995 when a friend decided she was too much work and decided to sell.  He said, "You can have the bird for $300 and the cage for free, or the cage for $300 and the bird is free, whatever you like."

Because Panama is not banded, we believe she may have been wild caught and illegally smuggled into the US.  Traumatic and scared, she was purchased by a couple in California.  They placed her in a cage with other parrots without an appropriate introduction and she was attacked.  Taken to the vet, she was left in lieu of paying the bill, as many vets will attest to the sad practice.

The vet gave her to a family member and partner, but ultimately they divorced leaving Panama with the husband, who now traveled a great deal of the time.  Left alone, with minimal food, fresh water or the stimulation of activity, toys and contact, she became sullen and aggressive.

The husband asked my friend to take care of her for a year while he took an assignment overseas.  But at the end of the year he said, "Keep her, sell her, I don't want her."  So my friend decided to sell.


Merlin Harris

Our mascot, Merlin is a Moluccan Cockatoo.  Unlike the tragic tale of Panama, Merlin was a hand-fed baby purchased by a family for their young son.  From the date of hatching until release, Merlin was fed and cared for by the boy.  Years passed and Yale University felt that the dorm room was no place for a cockatoo, especially a very loud and exuberant one.  Life changes forced the family to seek a new home for Merlin and he came into our life in 2000 at the young age of 10 years old.

Parrots do not change color based on their sex, so we always believed that Merlin was male.  Much to our surprise three years ago, Merlin laid an egg!  Having achieved adulthood spring brought out her true nature.