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Thomas C

As one who has utilized Unity Travelers, I have found their international tour guides, itineraries and venues unmatched. More importantly, you will learn fascinating insights about a locale's history, culture and people...having fun with a terrific group of tourists (who become friends) at the same time

Diane P

I have traveled 3 times with Mary Anne and Nawas and each and every trip was different and unique.My first trip was to Italy and shall I say, I will never forget that trip. It opened my world. Then we traveled to Africa to witness the animals in their own habitat and it was just amazing. The African children were just so special. To sing with them, to see the joy in their eyes will be in my heart forever. Then last year Eastern Europe - so much history, so rich in culture. I cannot wait to take more trips as they come along. It honestly is like traveling with family.

Renny B

When you travel with Mary Anne, she makes you feel like family. I’ve been fortunate to travel with her group on three occasions. Every time I go, it’s a treat to meet friends from previous trips and meet new friends, all while experiencing once-in-a-lifetime sites. We touch and feel the history of these faraway places. Mary Anne is the glue that binds us together, making the trip even more fun with her spirit and energy.

Patrick H

I started to travel with the group several years ago and I have had nothing but good times, special memories and lots of good food!

Beverly E

Our trip to Kenya was a life-long dream fulfilled. All of our trips have been tremendous opportunities to learn about other cultures, people and their world. I am so grateful to Mary Anne for providing us these travels every year.

Suzy J

Wow! What a ride! The Scandinavian cruise Mary Anne put together was spectacular. Ask me about two days in St. Petersburg and the train ride to Berlin. This was my 10th trip with Mary Anne and I’m ready to go again.

Joie B

As a single woman, I have found it not only enjoyable but comfortable and safe to travel with Rev Mary Anne and her friendly group of travelers. Over the past 6 years, Mary Anne has provided me the opportunity to travel to exotic locations and to make new friends while doing it.

Janice & Bill L

So many great Trips with Mary Anne! My favorite was Egypt and Janice’s was Africa! Mary Anne takes care of everything and is a ton of fun on top of that! Thanks for the great trips and memories Mary Anne!

Louise R

This was my second trip with Mary Anne - Spain - it was such a fascinating country. Always love the animals, the music and the fun.